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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dark! Dark! Dark!

Last night my son Nathan couldn't go to sleep because he was scared of the dark under the bed - you must realize that it was not dark in the bedroom - he was just scared of the dark that was under the bed. I asked him what he was afraid of, expecting to hear, "there are monsters under my bed". He looked at me like I'm stupid and said, "the dark"! Duh, he already said that! So, I went and got my "Dark Spray" (Renew Carpet Stain Remover), and sprayed it under both beds while saying, "Dark! Dark! Dark!" He was satisfied, and went right to sleep.

Tonight, he came out again, claiming that he was scared of the dark under the bed. I sent him back to bed, telling him that the dark spray I sprayed last night was still good, and was still working on the dark under the bed. He whined and complained a bit, so I very firmly said, "GO TO BED!" As he was walking away dejectedly he said, "I can't! My brave ran out!"

(another quote from Nathan)

By the way, my husband went in with the "Dark Spray" and sprayed while Nathan said, "Dark! Dark! Dark!" Nathan went right to sleep.

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