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Monday, August 13, 2012

It’s funny now, but…

A Facebook friend just reminded me of one of the great joys of parenting a houseful of boys.
Waaaay back when – when I had two or three boys who were still not dry at night – my sweet boys made an amazing discovery. They found that if you took a used (and very full) Pull-Up and threw it against the wall it would explode! Pull-ups are full of little liquid-absorbing gel pieces, so when one explodes those little gel pieces go everywhere!
Well, that was fun enough, but how much more fun would it be to have a used Pull-Up fight??
I do believe we had 3 boys in these nighttime disposables, and I’m sure the garbage hadn’t been emptied for a couple days, so they probably had at least 6 “bombs” to fight with. They threw them at each other until all their ammunition was gone. We had nasty, used gel pebbles all over the bedroom – on the walls, in the carpet, stuck in the closet door tracks…it was awful.
The boys did most of the clean up with parental supervision, but months later when we moved out of the house I still vacuumed those nasty gel bits out of the closet door tracks.
Makes a food fight seem more pleasant now, doesn’t it?

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