These are some great funnies I have collected from Scrivnerburg over the years. Many of them were originally posted on CafeMom and are
posted here with the original post date so I have it handy for the book that will eventually
have to come of this. :-)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hmmm…are they getting this?

Preparing for a test at Scrivnerburg Academy:
Mom - "What two materials were used to make linsey-woolsey fabric?"
Nathan - "Wool."
Mom - "And...?"
Kristi - "Wildcat."
Mom - "Okay - what material was used for the 'LINSEY' part of 'linsey-woolsey?"
3 kids - "Thread."
(at the same time) Austin - "Eisenberg."
Hmmm...for some reason I'm thinking no one is getting this lesson.


(And just in case you don’t know, it was linen and wool, as the name would suggest.)

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